SERI SCAFFOLD for long term breast lifting results

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 The Use of SERI Scaffold for breast surgery

One of the most frustrating surgical endeavors that plastic surgeons undertake is the "Large volume breast lift". Either a large breasted patient wants to keep a lot of volume while lifting her breasts, or someone with saggy breasts and inelastic skin wants to be lifted and enlarged to a big size, Both cannot be dissuaded from going down the path of  inevitable frustration. The plastic surgeons (myself included) cannot convince the prospective surgical candidates of the wiser "moderate" size lifts.
NOW we seem to have a solution that at least seems to give us long lasting (but probably not permanent) solution to BIG BREAST LIFTS. For years the

breast lift/augmentation has been the single most difficult common surgery that plastic surgeons perform. By creating two opposing forces (Lifting the breasts by shrinking the skin envelope and increasing the volume by adding an implant), we have put in motion a recipe for early relaxation and scars that may be less than optimal.

There is a new material called SERI SCAFFOLD. This is a fabric or mesh that is made from the silk threads. Turns out that silk is made from two proteins:one gives the fiber strength and the other makes it sticky. By removing the sticky protein and weaving the strength  protein a "natural' mesh support can be made that can be used to support your bodies tissues. The beauty of  SERI Scaffold is that it is eventually totally replaced by your body while maintaining it's strength! The material is replaced by a natural Type 1 (Good  collagen) that is at least 3 X the original thickness of the material. This natural collagen sheet remains for years!. It has been used very successfully to maintain the shape of these large breast lifts for up to three years (and the results are still holding with very little stretch!).
This material can be used to support very large breasts implants or repair those breasts that have     Bottomed Out after augmentation.
Bonita Springs Breast Lift Images
Fort Myers Breast Lift Images
This has been used for repairing hernias as well as many other uses. The cost of the material is approximately $1000 per breast and that is inexpensive compared  to the cadaver skin and porcine and bovine products available for similar applications.   Many shapes and applications for this material is on the way. I recently went to a training lab using this material and got a sneak peek at the versatility of this material. They can even make it stretchy like Spandex!
Call my office for a consultation to see if SERI Scaffold or another modality can deal with your particular concern  or problem.

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