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Too often, circumstances beyond your control leave you with unsightly marks and blemishes. In a society that places so much emphasis on beauty, this unfair and unfortunate situation can be distressing. However, Naples cosmetic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña has recently made an addition to his list of facial rejuvenation procedures that can help you overcome these problems. With the recently acquired Dermapen®, Dr. Peña can address many of your concerns.

If you’re suffering from extensive burn marks, acne scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles or loose skin, the Dermapen may be right for you. Please call239-348-7362to speak to Dr. Peña about your options. He’ll be happy to walk you through the procedure and evaluate whether or not this revolutionary new facial treatment is appropriate for your needs.

How Dermapen Works

The Dermapen is a part of Dr. Peña’s continued effort to ensure that he brings you only the best cosmetic surgery technology. It’s an innovative new method for offering you your desired facial rejuvenation.

The Dermapen is so-named because it is a pen-shaped device that operates just under your dermal layer of skin.

The device contains a number of small, disposable needles. Dr. Peña will use Dermapen to make several very small, vertical holes in the treatment area. Because the disposable needles are inserted vertically into the skin, the risk of cross-contamination is greatly diminished. This method also reduces skin damage and recovery time.

Dermapen needles are inserted using an automated motion that minimizes your pain and discomfort. Dr. Peña will use his decades of experience as a cosmetic surgeon to ensure that your visit is as pleasant as possible.

Dr. Peña can adjust the depth of the needle insertion, allowing him to customize your Dermapen treatment for your unique needs.

These small punctures stimulate your body’s natural healing process and make the treatment area more responsive to some of our other cosmetic surgery procedures. We can add a solution made from your own blood to further stimulate the healing process using you own platelet derived growth factors.

The end result is tighter skin and smaller pores. The Dermapen procedure is safe, with no risk of side effects, and it can dramatically reduce your acne scars, wrinkles or other cosmetic concerns.

You shouldn’t apply makeup on the day of your Dermapen treatment, and you can expect mild redness and skin tightness. This is normal and quite temporary; most patients see the redness fade away with an hour or two.

If you’re a resident of the Naples, Florida region and you want to talk to a cosmetic surgeon about Dermapen or any other facial rejuvenation procedure, please contact board-certified Dr. Manuel Peña, today for a consultation.