A la carte facelifting

Every day I see a patient that was told by another plastic surgeon that they "need"everything done even if it did not bother them. This often includes forehead, eyelids, upper and lower face, and neck as well as some volume replacement in the form of fat grafts or filler. Although I often believe that additional procedures would enhance the overall outcome of the result, I will offer to address just what bothers the patient. I will show the prospective patients what the desired procedures would look like on them and them add the rest to see if a true improvement is seen. Sometimes the person agrees with the additions and sometimes not. Regardless I am here to fulfill your wishes (as long as they are reasonable) not mine. I often perform lower face and neck lift by itself. Sometimes a full face volume replacement with fat grafts is all I do. I am being asked more and more about the limited incision facelifts such as the MACS lift. This is a rapid recovery surgery that has withstood the test of time for "getting your money's worth". Limited incision neck lift are also appropriate for the younger patients that have always had a poorly defined neck.