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Is There a Danger in Having Cosmetic Surgery If I Feel a Cold Coming On?

You are already to go with a cosmetic surgery procedure, had your consultation, gotten the necessary medical clearances, and have arranged for your pre- and post-operative care. You are eager to proceed but feel like you might be catching a cold. Should you postpone? Should you advise your cosmetic surgeon? Surprisingly this is a very common question I hear from my patients, “I have surgery in four days and I feel a cold coming on!” I get this call several times a month.

My general answer is, “when caught about 4-5 days before surgery, we can proceed with surgery in around 80 percent of cases.” There are steps you can take if you feel a cold coming on. Below is what I advise my cosmetic surgery patients:

    1. Colds are caused by viruses therefore traditional antibiotics will not help you.
    2. Colds are dealt with by your body’s own immune system so we can boost it!
    3. I recommend starting an over-the-counter immune boosting supplement called “WELLNESS FORMULA” some are called WELLNESS BLEND. Available at Whole Foods and Health food stores 4-6 capsules a 4 times a day. This blend has a combination of most immune boosters.
    4. Vitamin C also help. Use high does 3-6 grams (3000-6000 mgs), with lots of water.
    5. Only if the sore throat gets really bad or phlegm turns green or if I prescribe antibiotics, will we have to postpone surgery.
    6. Muscle aches indicate a Flu syndrome and you need to get on a prescription of Tamiflu. Preferably during the first 12-24 hours.

Be sure to talk to your cosmetic surgeon. Hope this helps get you to your scheduled surgery!

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more, please contact my office.