Big Buttocks all the rage!

Just back from a Plastic Surgery Meetiing in Mimai (the EPICENTER of Big Butts) outside of Colombia South America. While I was hoping to get exited about placing Gluteal (butt) implants, the most compelling results were obtained with liposculpting and fat grafts as i have been doing for the last four years. This has been nick named "the Brazilian Buttlift" and is a beautiful procedure with a low complication rate. the aggressive thinning of the waist and lower back as well as the artful reshaping of an attractive buttocks can change a womans entire body shape! While the buttocks implants can give the volume some women without excess may want, the technical points of the surgical placement and possible complications are still significant.

While the Brazilizn method requires a patient to avoid straight down sitting for 7-10 weeks, there is only a small infection risk reported.. < 2%. this can be further reduced by not exposing that fat graft to air. This "closed" method has kept my infection rate of all fat grafts to Zero! The addition of autologous Platelet gel to the fat i am hoping increases even more the Fat Percentage take!