BOTOX® at the Mall

Turns everyone wants to inject BOTOX®/Dysport/ Juvederm/ Restylane®/ Sculptra® Aesthetic, everyone who legally can. The fact that injection techniques have taken me nearly 20 years to perfect makes me cringe that you can get FDA approved cosmetic injections next to where you get your jeans. The argument is that this will make it more affordable. Yes it will but at what cost. It reminds me of my patients who choose to go to Latin America for cheaper plastic surgery. The vast majority do well… but I spend a lot of time fixing those patients that are nervous about going back once they have problems. This is not to say I have not had any complications with injectibles, Hell look at what happened to me after I injected Hydrelle into my cheeks (my blog in February). But I have the experience and resources to fix these. Can you go back to the Kiosk next to the Piercing Pagoda and expect the same experienced service?