BOTOX® vs Dysport

Finally got my study going. For patients were asked to participate in the study. All effects of BOTOX® which they had received in the past were visibly gone. Only one individual in my office who actually mixed to two vials one of BOTOX® in one of Dysport knew which one was which. After extensive reading and attending several conferences the BOTOX® to Dysport ratio is approximately 1 to 3. I interviewed the patients at 3 days and a one week and 3 of the 4 seemed to indicate that the left side of either the frown line or the crows feet seemed to go away quicker than her the right side. The only dissenting vote came from a patient who felt that I had causes small bruise on the left side and the right side started working quicker. By one week both were equally effective. There were no complications such as droopy eyelids or headaches. I will see them in one month to further compare the actions and reactions of the patients. Atthat time I will find out which side is Dysport and which side is BOTOX®. I will keep you informed of my findings and the significance it will have in my practice.