Just recently the FDA announced the approval of the second Botulism type A formulation. BOTOX® has been available for clinical use since 1972. Initially used to treat lazy eye in children and now as the number one cosmetic procedure/ product in the US. It has had no competition here for this lucrative market until now. Dysport is another Type A Botulism toxin that has been used in Europe for several years with many excellent reports from physicians. They are not as alike as they seem. Because they are processed or manufactured differently, they vary in strength per unit and their ability to spread throughout the tissues. These two properties may play an important part for its use in certain areas and circumstances. For instance, the reportedly greater diffusion of Dysport may make it a better product for controlling excessive perspiration of the armpits and hands. This however may increase the possibility of droopy eyelids when using it for frown lines. I have not used Dysport so I can't say for sure. What I can say is that I am excited to have a second product on the market and I will certainly give it a try. I am anxious to perhaps involve a series of patients and randomly use half BOTOX® and half Dysport on each side of the face and see how fast it takes effect and how long it lasts. Any problems or nuances will be noted in the process.What I'm looking for is a good old-fashioned PRICE WAR! I hope it begins soon.