Brazilian Butt Lift

Although a misnomer, the Brazilian Butt Lift it has become one of my favorite operations. The essence of this procedure is based on the visual effect of the waist getting smaller and the buttocks getting rounder. Noticed that I said "rounder" not necessarily "bigger"! This is especially true in the fact that we did not increase the lateral dimensions of the buttocks simply the posterior or projection of the superior parts. By increasing this superior and central portion of the buttocks we achievedthe effect that is so pleasing to the eye in and out of clothing. This effect is accentuated by aggressively removing the fat from the waist starting from just above the buttocks and going all the way to the rib cage. This enhances the curves that we seem to want.

This effect is achieved by the use of liposuction and grafting the fat obtained from the aspiration into the buttocks. Although no real lifting is performed, the effect is similar. We also placed between 200 and 400 cc per side to fill out the cheeks. The scars to obtain the fat are between 3 and 4 mm in size into place the fat about 1 mm in size. Recovery is approximately 1 to two weeks requiring some limitations of activity and wearing of compression garments for a few weeks more after that. The fat that we have grafted is yours to keep in the volume will depend on your weight as you maintained at over the next few years. There are some surgical but lives in which skin and fat is actually removed from the posterior lower back and lateral aspect of the waist, however these are much more involved both in cost and in recovery and require that a scar be left behind. I think this operation will gain in popularity is more surgeons to come familiar with the techniques of fat grafting large volumes.

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