Breast Augmentation and new implant Options

Two years ago i went to a Breast Symposium in Atlanta. All the rage were the "gummy Bear" or form stable implants. The few "privileged" plastic surgeons that were involved in the studies assured us that this was the answer to all our problems in breast surgery! it went something like this: a surgeon in the audience would ask a question " my mother in law is coming for a visit, and she drives us all CRAZY!. What can we do?" and the guest surgeons would say…"oh i would use the Gummy bear implant"! Well maybe I am exaggerating a bit.

Just came back from Miami and one of those experts commented that while Those Implants (form stable) have a huge role in reconstructive surgery, their use in cosmetic surgery in the US is limited. Smooth sound implants will still provide the shape and look and feel that most of our patients are looking for. This is not the case in Europe where a more modest or 'natural' look is often sought. Reports of mal-rotation and seromas (fluid collections) associated with these implants are starting to increase.

While we anxiously await their approval and incorporation into our breast surgery options, I no longer feel "left out"