Breast Augmentation Using Your Own Fat

It is finally somewhat acceptable to use your own fat to make your breast bigger, or change the shape. For many years we have been using fat grafts to "touch up" breast reconstructions, somehow rationalizing that it was ok for those patients that already had cancer, but we could not 'confuse' the mammograms of non Cancer patients. Well , guess what' the mammographers are a lot smarter than we thought. The trained ones easily differentiate between worrisome microcalcifications and harmless fat graft induced macrocalcifications.

Now, if you are a thin A cup don't expect to get to a full C in one fat grafting session, or even at all. Most fat graft augmentations can average between 180 and 280 cc (just about a cup size). But I do like to consider those patients with deformities of their breasts such as asymmetries as good candidates if they have a bit of extra fat to use for grafting. Some post augment or post lift problems can be treated with fat grafting. Lack of cleavage or fullness up top can be dealt with using this technique.

There are still limitations such as volumes and significant bruising post op. A large portion of the plastic surgery community is still skeptical although this is changing rapidly. The costs will not be less since there will be a lot more labor involved.. and this may have to be repeated if a very significant augmentation is desired. Fat grafting for breast augmentation is here and it will be an interesting evolution of techniques.