Browlifting made Easy

For many years endoscopic browlifts have been the most common way the forehead is rejuvenated. Five littleincisions behind the hair line and some high tech instruments and tiny video cameras and 'Poof' you are done. Is there an 'easier way' to achieve a rejuvenated forehead?

First of all, do we know what a young forehead looks like? Are the brow really suppose to be high and the forehead expressionless? Come on you know 'that ain't right'! Let's look at your high school graduation photo.. very nice.. top of the class hmmm? Anyway, look at the position of the eyebrows and the fullness of the lateral and central parts of the brows. Notice the nice pleasing arch to the brow that seems to reach its maximum height at the junction of the middle 1/3 and lateral 1/3 of the eye. The brow is full and there is very little skin loose below the brow. This is because the fullness takes up the skin and when your eyes are open the elastic skin accordions up. Also notice the fullness between the brows and the lack of hard lines between the brows. The distance between the brows is also limited in the 'young forehead and.Ok, we got the idea. What happens when we Lift the Brows? Brows are brought higher but what holds them there? A device that absorbs in a few months and resembles a carpet tack, is placed in a tiny hole in the skull and suspends the forehead tissues until it heals in its new elevated procedure. you can also access the frown muscles and remove them. This often results in an unnatural separation of the central part of the brows and also flattens this area.

So what do I prefer now? Much simpler procedure called a Lateral Subcutaneous Browlift has become my favorite when combined with BOTOX® to the frown line muscles. This is a simpler procedure that is performed in a more superficial plane through small incisions in the lateral forehead hairline. The lift of the lateral aspect of the brows is achieved by pulling up on the superficial layers of the brow making this a much more efficient lift. The excess is excised and is closed to make to scar disappear as the hair growth through it. This procedure can either be done in conjunction with other surgeries or by itself under local anesthesia. There is a very quick recovery and side effects usually are limited to mild bruising around the eyes. This is in a used the endoscopic brow lift anymore, it just means that there is an easier way to achieve lifting of the lateral brow which is the main focus of the surgery in the first place.