Chasing fat around the body!

A new study confirmed what I figured out 17 years ago.

A patient that had liposuction in one part of the body returned two years later with excess bulge somewhere else. Three years later… she was back in my office wanting it sucked out from some where else. She told me "Doc, you are chasing my fat around the body". I figured out I was. She would always return to her original weight.. so of course fat would return to the "next favorite area" or as I like to call.. the "bulge in waiting". Some times in younger women we would get lucky and this would be their breasts, but often it would go to unwanted areas that were also predisposed to get bigger as our metabolism slowed down.

What I do now is a lot of counseling and explaining how they must stay BELOW their preoperative weight if they want to prevent this from happening. I also explain that I want to take the smallest amount that will give a good shape. This will minimize the tendency to 'rebound' into unwanted areas.