Cosmetic injectable update

Not only do we have the Botulism toxin war between BOTOX® and DYSPORT, we now have the addition of local anesthetic to injectable hyaluronic acids. Recently approved PREVALLE SILK and HYDRELLE (for fine and deep lines and wrinkles respectively) now incorporate the local anesthetic lidocaine to minimize discomfort during injection. Other technological advancements have come in the field of transdermal delivery system. A company is close to perfecting the right combination of ingredients that would make possible the delivery of BOTULISM TOXIN through the skin in a predictable quantity. This would be exiting news for those being treated for excessive sweating (underarm and on palms) or those who just plain abhor needles and are using BOTULISM for crows feet. I will keep my finger on the pulse to differentiate between true technological advances and product hype. Stay tune.