Dermapen with PRP keeps getting Great results

Have You heard about Naples Dermapen  with Platelet Rich Plasma?

Indications for Naples Dermapen

Our practice keeps getting busier performing Dermapen (microneedling) with the aid of ones own activated platelets.  We use this technology for improvement of scars in my Naples, Florida practice. Some of the scars treated are traumatic such as burn related and some are caused by surgery. All have improved to some extent!   Significant benefits have been achieved in quality of fine lines, large pores, and overall texture of the skin.  The Dermapen Applications and uses are expanding daily.

Use of Naples Dermapen off the face

This has been used in the hands and in the "V" of the neck and chest with very nice improvement of the "Southwest Florida sun damaged look". Rosa, our plastic surgery nurse personally performs this procedure from beginning to end. When Dermapen is performed "DRY" (without the Platelet Rich Plasma), then this is also performed by our aestheticians at La Piel Spa.

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Dermapen with PRP keeps getting Great Results