Does Breast Lift Decrease Breast Size?

A newly published study has found that breast lift surgery reduces bra size by an average of one cup. This is likely due to the removal of excess and sagging skin during the procedure, and may have little to no impact on the overall dimensions of your body. However, if you are concerned with a loss of cup size following your procedure, Dr. Peña would be happy to discuss combining breast lift with implants during your initial consultation.

Is Breast Lift Right for You?

Breast lift surgery is designed to give a perkier and more youthful look to the chest. Ptosis (sagging) brought about by the aging process, pregnancy and nursing, weight gain and loss, and other factors can result in an unbecoming and uncomfortable breast appearance. With breast lift surgery, Dr. Peña addresses these issues to produce a look that is more flattering and attractive.

Dr. Peña offers a wide range of breast surgery options and can completely customize your procedure to meet your specific needs. The best way to determine which procedure is right for you is through a one-on-one consultation at the Naples, Florida office of our board-certified plastic surgeon.

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