Exparel for long lasting post operative pain relief.

In Naples, Florida, we perform a lot of breast augmentations and tummy tucks. One of the most common problems is managing post operative pain. Now we have something that helps a lot.Finally, the common "long term" bupivacaine has been put in a novel carrier system so it's effect can be prolonged from 4 hours to 36 hours! thus cutting the pain form a 8 to a 3 after breast augmentation and tummy tucks (arguably the most uncomfortable recoveries of the surgeries I perform). This drug preparation is an injectable form of Bupivacaine called Exparel.The number of pain pills taken in the first two days dropped from an average of 10 to 3! Huge…Caroline….HUGE! Here is the link;http://cosmeticsurgerytimes.modernmedicine.com/cosmetic-surgery-times/news/exparel-controls-postop-pain