Facelift Bungee. Very Old Idea with New Sexy Name..

In the early 1900s, before facelifting was invented, women were using hair clips and elastics to pull their temporal hair and posterior neck skin tight to give them a temporary "face lift". Unfortunately prolonged use of these devices led to significant areas of hair loss where tension had been applied a bit too long. Luckily, American and French plastic surgeons developed the early methods of facelifting which are now quite refined and offer natural and long-lasting results. Since that time there have been thousands of quick methods to avoid facial cosmetic surgery using a myriad of devices and creams. The lady that developed The FACELIFT BUNGEE gave the same excuse that she went to visit a plastic surgeon but the facelifting that she had sought was financially out of her reach and thus she offers a quick temporary fix using elastics and hair clips for about $25. The least if the clips or the tension are removed after only a few hours lasting damage to the hair follicles may not occur. Much more devastating results can be obtained when people try to save money by going to unlicensed practitioners for fillers, BOTOX®, or even surgery. Every day we hear of instances where people have lost their lives or have become disfigured trying to save money well enhancing there beauty. These often start harmlessly enough by attending a filler party at someone's house can and tragically with disfigurement but is impossible to correct. If you get the urge to buy the facelift bungee, enjoy it but remove the contraption after a few hours so he will have to worry about lasting hair loss. If you are subject to ponytail headaches and this is probably not the device for you either.