Facelift Options: Full Face Fat Grafts or Mini Facelift?

If you’ve always believed facelifts were only for people of a “certain age,” you’ll be pleased to know that even subtle signs of aging can qualify you for a re-volumizing or full face fat grafting or mini facelift.

Since 1990, board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña has used sophisticated cosmetic surgery technology to help thousands of Naples, Florida, area residents enjoy a more youthful appearance by reducing these typical signs of aging:

• Volume loss

• Deposits of fat

• Creasing

• Wrinkling

• Sagging

Dr. Peña can help you combat the telltale effects of gravity, stress and pollution using world-class facelift procedures to achieve dramatic, lasting results. A thorough consultation with Dr. Peña can help you decide whether a mid facelift or mini facelift will give you the results you want.

Both the fat grafting and mini facelift offer a refreshed, renewed, younger facial appearance.

The mid facelift targets the eyes, nose and mouth, correcting “bags,” upper cheek hollowness, and prominent nasal folds. These problems can be dealt with more simply and sometimes with longer results with fat grafting of the cheek area and hollow below the eyes. The mid facelift is still a good solution in certain cases. Dr Peña usually performs the procedure using the endoscope and remote incisions in the temporal areas and inside the mouth.

The mini facelift or S-lift reduces minor sagging of the cheeks, neck and jaw line. Men and women in their 30s and 40s and sometimes in the 50s who want to stave off an aging appearance while symptoms are still mild may opt for the mini facelift. Dr. Peña often uses these techniques years later after more extensive face-lift procedures to turn back the clock with a much smaller procedure.

When compared to standard facelift surgery, both the mini and full face fat grafting procedures offer less risk and stress and more affordability.

In Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, or Estero, Florida, please contact the cosmetic surgery office of Florida cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Manuel Peña to schedule your facelift consultation.