Facial bones shrink with age.

A new study reveals that art of our natural facial aging is that our facial bones actually get smaller particularly around the eye socket and jaw line. A detailed study comparing hundreds of CT scans of facial bones of men and women at different points intheir lives revealed that women start losing the bone volume even in their early 40s while men as much as 10=15 years later.

We have recently found out about the aging contributed by the loss of facial fat. My rejuvenation surgeries over the last ten years have all included fat grafting precisely to the areas that were identified as having bone loss. How did I figure it out before the studies? By observing the difference in appearances between a person's old photos and their current appearance. While the bone loss can be dealt with by adding implants to the facial skeleton as I often do with chin implants, other areas can be augmented by using fat as a structure mimicking the bone itself. Turns out that when fat grafts are placed close to the bone, they act and feel like bone.

Always have volume restored as a part of facial rejuvenation, or you will never really look like you did.