Fat Doesn’t Return after liposuction and or Abdominoplasty

That is the latest finding in a just published study the journal Obesity. At least for the first year anyway. All are nonetheless there is massive weight gain afterwards according to the study. This certainly has not been my experience has have experienced chasing fat all around the body in individuals whom I had liposuction and previously had been performed an abdominoplasty. I do, however, find that it often takes two to 3 years for this fat to find a new home. I believe that the fat cells that were not removed become the new favorite target and received the caloric excess that you produced by removing the fat cells during liposuction or excisional surgery such as tummy tuck. Think about the t it, it doesn't make sense to remove the fat cells and continue with the same intake but now less body mass therefore less expenditures and not gain weight and not increase in volume somewhere. The extra calories don't float away unless you work your tail off in the gym or you should decrease the caloric intake corresponding to the decrease in body mass that you know have. When I proceed with a liposuction or an excisional surgery such as an abdominoplasty I explained all this to the patient. My favorite patients of those who are morphologically out of balance. For instance those with extremely large saddle bags or very thick waist compared to smaller arms or legs. In these cases a balance body is the goal not weight reduction. When someone that is large everywhere undergoes liposuction in several areas it is my experience that the areas and have not been treated growing portion of the next two to 3 years. I feel that the study that was quoted needs to go a little bit longer to see the actual changes which the body will undergo. I spent a lot of time with my patients before trying create a plan for their success in keeping their new shape intact. This usually involves a combination of increase exercise and decrease in caloric intake. Surgery after massive weight loss is different because we are mostly removing excess of skin and reshaping the body using most of the leftover fat when we can. In this case the shapes and obtained can be maintained for many years even if there is a slight increase in weight over several years.