Fillers and Relaxers and PTFE/silicone ‘fused’ implants

A new system used o harvest large volumes of fat for fat grafting has been introduced. It uses a large sterile container and uses saline to 'cushion' the fat as it is collected (thus the name "Aquavage"). The design also allows ease of cleaning the fat and efficient transfer to the syringes for injection. This is especially useful in larger volume fat grafts such as to the buttocks. The new controversy seems to be if Vaser Assisted liposuction (even at a low 60%) Vaser mode damages the fat cells to a degree that makes them useless as fat grafts.

The Botulinum wars are just starting to heat up with some early competitive pricing by the Dysport camp and some original BOTOX® disciples switching camps! The search for a product that is more effective as a topical agent is closer as the technology to deliver the purified toxin (without the proteins designed to protect in the gut) is perfected. A highly cross linked hyaluronic acid with Lidocaine in it called Hydrelle is coming on strong in the Thick Filler market. We are still waiting for Thin Fillers (for fine lines such as crow's feet and tiny smoker's lines) to make it to the US market. Sculptra® Aesthetic has a few more indications and is certainly a good choice if no fat is available of if someone wants a product off the shelf. Too bad no one knows how much volume one is going to get per vial of Sculptra® Aesthetic!

Another innovation is the addition PTFE (Goretex) to silicone implants to allow some incorporation or fixation to the implants. This combines the good properties of both while getting rid of the moving/ migrating silicone implant or the 'collapsing/ compressing' Goretex implants. New ideas and new technology. We'll see if they pan out.