Fractional Resurfacing has evolved: Introducing FRACTORA™ to Naples, Florida

Fractora™ is the newest and in my opinion, the most exciting form of fractional skin rehabilitation. It is a radiofrequency based device that delivers the energy via tiny needles of uniform length (length depending on what you are targeting. The RF (radio frequency energy) causes tiny injuries to the skin with which it comes in contact with just like Fraxel® and other fractional lasers. But unlike those devices, the benefit of Fractora™ (Invasix Corporation), go much further. You see the energy then travels from the tips of the needles through the deep layers of the skin back to the "return electrodes". This effectively "heats up" the deep layers of the skin stimulating this collagen and elastin rich area to produce more of these and tighten up the skin. Depending on the depth and energy used, this can be performed using topical anesthetic cream or local anesthesia and Intravenous Sedation. Healing time is very fast and down time involves swelling a tightness. The results have been "game changing" in the field of skin tightening. The exiting thing about this technology is that it can treat the crinkly skin on your arms, legs, ANYWHERE! We are accepting patients for Fractora™ at our Naples, Florida clinic. 239-348-7362 for an appointment.