Fractora™ effective for Cystic Acne

Every adolescent gets some acne but for a few this turns into a nightmare called cystic acne. This may last for years into their mid adulthood. For years the  treatment has been based on the use of keeping the skin ultra clean, local  or topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics, and as a last resort Accutane.  Recently the use of LVU and  BLUE LED lights and Pulsed dye laser have been the latest high tech methods of treating the cysts that form from this type of acne.

               Cystic Acne

A recent development in trans dermal (percutaneous needle bipolar radiofrequency) devices called Fractora™ has added an exciting chapter to the effective treatment of active cystic acne AND the resulting Scarring. Dermatologists have been using this with acne that has been difficult to treat with other more traditional technologies. Dr Pena has been offering the Fractora™ technology since 2013 and is pleased to meet with you in consultation.

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