Freezing Fat versus Heating Fat or CoolSculpting vs Exilis

The "hottest" methods of losing fat without diet and excercise seems to be CoolSculpting where a roll of fat is frozen and the central part dies leaving the area smaller with an area "missing". if you objectively look at the areas treated and so proudly displayed in post procedure advertisings, you will see a furrow or depression corresponding to the lost fat. Unfortunately it is not a very artistic way of sculpting, in fact, if it were one of my post liposuction results, I would be disappointed and discussing "fixing" it with the patient. It is amazing what people will accept to lose fat "magically"! that is why I chose EXILIS technology. It is a Radio-frequency generating device that heats the fat and helps release the contents of the fat cells while shrinking the collagen around the now empty cells. The Heat generated bounces back to the under surface of the skin and it too contracts thus tightening the skin. Now it takes 4 to 6 treatments to get significant results and a 3 month post procedure wait, and if you want SURGICAL RESULTS, HAVE SURGERY! Call my office for a consultation with our EXILIS staff.