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Freezing Scars (Keloids and hyp.ertrophic Scars)

We have all heard about freezing fat as a way of reducing our tummies and our hips. This technology has caused quite a stir amongst my patients in the media. While I still have reservations about the limitations of this technology there is something sexy about being able to freeze our fat and make it go away. When I see the results of the Coolsculpting, I am not impressed with the aesthetic results. I therefore have chosen what I believe to be a more refined method of fat reducing and skin tightening based on radiofrequency or heating of the fat and skin. This technology is called Exilis and we are getting very nice results of both localize fat and overlying skin retraction and tightening and pleasing aesthetic outcomes. But this blog is not about that. I recently attended a meeting where a new technology involving percutaneous cooling and freezing of scar tissue destroyed the overactive scarring present in keloids and some hypertrophic scars while leaving the overlying skin architecture looking quite normal. I was glad to see this because similar treatments involving injecting very strong steroid suspensions such as Kenalog can lead to atrophy or thinning of the overlying skin and results that are less than pleasing. The technology is called CRYOSHAPE tm… Cool solution for keloid scars ™. Although I hope I never have to treat either one of these I am glad to know that this technology is available.