Fungus Contamination of Saline Implants

Our office has received numerous phone calls since last week concerning possible fungus growing in their saline breast implants. Apparently a board-certified plastic surgeon has been attributing every problem under the sun as being caused by contamination or involving saline implants filled with fungus or mold. Apparently she also has a long list of problems associated with silicone implants which we will not mentioned here. Her main claim is that saline implants need to be changed every 10 years because the valve can become incompetent leading to a multitude of problems… the least of which is deflation. I personally have been using saline implants of this type since 1992 silicones care and have yet to see one black mold saline implant and have seen many partially deflated implants were totally deflated implants. I understand her concern about the possible influx of material going from outside the implant to inside the implant through a leaky valve however rarely is the periprostatic capsule pocket associated with molder fungus cohabitation. Many theories about the pathogenesis of yeast and other fungi that colonize our body have been proposed and fill many books but very few have given any credible evidence to linking them with real diseases. Many years ago I remember several articles with photographs of saline implants that have been removed which were black and full of mold. These, we found out, had been filled originally in the operating room by first filling a bowl full of saline and then drawing up the saline into syringes and inject this into the implants. This exposed the saline to airborne mold and indeed was related to intraluminal contamination mold growth. I have never used this method and no one benign no still thighs. We inject directly from the intravenous saline bag directly through a closed system into the implant does preventing any contamination of the air born microbes. Although I d0 not use textured saline implants for other reasons I do not believe that texture saline implant shells separate with time and wander off to wreck havoc to the immune system. Although this (board certified plastic surgeon) individual is a strong advocate against breast implants, I believe that the evidence she uses to take the stands she does is not based on sound acceptable scientific methods and is unnecessarily scaring the hell out of a lot of women that have these devices in the been happy with them up to this point my recommendation is. Please do not worry about this extremely rare complication there are more important things that are likely to happen to you by living in 2013!