Get the Fat OUT!

Just got back from a major cosmetic surgery meeting last nite. How many ways will someone come up to 'get the fat out'. There is traditional Liposuction (hohumm), tumescent liposuction, six different 'Laser Assisted' liposuction devices, a water pick device (Water Jet)liposucttion. They all claim to be gentler and perhaps be better. The laser devices claim they can shrink the skin thus perhaps avoiding excisional surgery in borderline patients. These are the same claims made by the ultrasound assisted proponents originally.

Then there are the non invasive devices. Zerona a low energy laser that when applied to the body from a few inches away will cause a signal to your fat cells to open their walls and let their fat leak out. The lymphatic then gets rid of it. (but how long before they start filling up again). Not approved for 'slimming' yet.I have been following the Ultrashape.. an external ultrasound device that ruptures fat cells by concentrating external ultrasound energy beams from different directions in one area and blasting fat cells. (no FDA approval yet).Another device actually claims to freeze your fat from application OUTSIDE the body thus injuring the fat cells so that they die and are eliminated. The usual Radio frequency devices are still trying to find a home somewhere as they now claim they can 'zap' fat away.

All sounds too good to be true. Let's see which ones are around in two years.