“Gummy Bear” or Form Stable Breast Implants arrive in Naples

The FDA approved the use of the Form Stable breast implants from Allergan last week. These are made of highly cohesive (thick) silicon gel that simply will not "run" or flow away if the shell breaks, This will add another layer of safety to breast implantation in the US. These so called "gummy bear" implants have been available in Canada, Latin America, and in Europe for many years, with a tremendous safety record and with significant decrease in certain problems common to traditional gel and saline implants… These implants are not for every case and it will require a consultation by a Board certified Plastic Surgeon that has the training and certification to use these implants to determine if these implants are right for you. Call our office at 239-348-7362 in Naples, near Bonita Springs, Marco Island, and Fort Myers to see if the "gummy Bears' are right for you!