Happy Cusomers rarely review!

I have had so may happy patients in my 24 years of Plastic Surgery practice in Naples, Florida. I received many wonderful notes thanking my staff and I for the care they received. In fact these have been too numerous to count. However, happy patients rarely go out of their way to "rate" you in one of the many sites available (from Angie's list to Google). This is partly because that type of service is expected (and it should be) and partly because the reviewing process is often lengthy and difficult as we have heard from our patients attempting to leave a positive review. Unhappy patients, unfortunately, will obsess and make sure they get their negative review are published! My daughter does not do anything without consulting Yelp. This I find to be a product of the instant information generation. But I admit, I often read reviews of hotels I planning to stay and rarely find that "this is the worst hotel I ever stayed in" is really that bad. Negative reviewers are more persistent! Be fair. Write a review of something you really like, it will make a difference in the way that business is viewed online and can offset the HATERS!