High Resolution UltraSound excellent Alternative to MRI for detecting Ruptures Silicone Breast Implants

while the FDA still recommends that you get an MRI 3 years after implantation with silicone breast implants, very few patients actually go through with this.  With the cost related to the procedure which ranged from $750-$1250 I don't really blame them.  High-resolution ultrasound has recently been shown to offer nearly as good or better results in Ackerly detecting problems with the implants including rupture.  As the cost of these units come down the possibility of year surgeon or surgeon in the community in which she live would have one of these is growing.  Currently we rely on imaging centimeters around and operated by radiologist's to provide these services.  The convenience of going to the surgeon that performed your breast augmentation to have it checked out will be more apparent in the near future.