How Long after Tummy Tuck Surgery can I go Swimming?

You can typically resume exercises such as swimming 6 to 8 weeks after tummy tuck surgery. Naples plastic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña can discuss this with you in detail during your initial consultationSwimming is among the safest and most effective ways to maintain tummy tuck results, but it is not something you can do immediately following surgery. While recovery is different for each patient, it is often best to wait six to eight weeks before resuming an exercise routine that includes swimming. During your follow up visits after tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Peña will assess your progress and better be able to suggest when resuming more strenuous exercise is appropriate.

Undergoing Tummy Tuck Surgery Now

While we don’t experience a significant cool down during the winter in Naples, temperatures tend to drop enough to keep most of us off the beach. This makes now the best time to consider tummy tuck surgery for optimal recovery by the summer months. However, one needn’t be swimming to want to have recovered from tummy tuck surgery when beach weather returns. Acting now allows for more complete healing of incisions, helping to ensure your results – once made visible to the public – highlight your new contours above all else.

Tummy tuck surgery can help tone and trim the entire midsection. It can also tighten and firm abdominal muscles, improving core strength and acting as a springboard for a healthier and more fulfilling life. Swimming is an effective way to help maintain tummy tuck results and, when practiced in combination with a healthy diet and other forms of exercise, may even serve to enhance ideal definition over time. Dr. Peña can discuss this and other benefits offered by tummy tuck surgery during your initial consultation.

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