Hydrelle first look and my experience

Got a chance to try Hydrelle, the latest HA on the market last Friday. It is highly crosslinked (hopefully making it stick around a long time) and has the highest concentration of HA available so far in the US (making it absorb more than 50% of its volume in water thus plumping up the deepest of hollows). The last new twist is that it comes with lidocaine (the injectable anesthetic I often use to numb the areas before injecting the HA's) and this was particularly good because I tried this on myself! I have to admit there was less discomfort than with the previous materials and the swelling was noticeable for about 36 hours. This was probably from all the water being absorbed by the material. No bruising at all but a bit sore for 48 to hard touch. At 4 days I am pleased. Let's see how long it lasts.