“Ideal Breast Implant” may have a buyer

I never thought it would get this far! When I met Dr. Hams, a plastic surgeon from Dallas, he told me he was looking for new investors for his new saline implants. He had named them "Ideal Implants" and they were different from other saline devices in two ways: first the insides consisted of baffles which gave the implant a different more natural feel. This allowed the implant to conform to the chest wall much like the silicone implants. The reason I felt this was not going to happen (and thus I chose not to invest) was because I knew Silicone implant approval was just around the corner. No other country even offers saline implants since the medical evidence since 1998 overwhelmingly clears silicone from being the cause of the multiple connective tissue diseases (Lupus/ Rheumatoid Arthritis? sarcoid etc.). But I still get those individuals convinced that silicone implants are dangerous despite my citing of many studies refuting that. For these individual this may be the "Ideal Implant".