Illegal “cosmetic” injections continue disfiguring and killing

I remember a few years ago reading about the physician (who after losing his license) injected his girl friend, his best friend, his girl friend , and himself with an illegal form of Botulinum toxin used in experimental veterinary research. Luckily as he realized that he had overdosed everyone he was able to get help and get help. They ended up on ventilators for several weeks. They were lucky!

The latest rash of Injectables includes "industrial grade silicon" made famous by Priscilla Presley's turn at "Dancing with the Stars"! This caused a freaky look but caused no danger to her life.


          Rumored to have had 'Industrial grade' silicon injections

Priscilla Presley plastic surgery disaster

 The latest rash of illegal injections have brought many horrific headlines to the public. These substances range from Silicon injected freely into the buttocks to the use of liquid cement in the breast and butt! I have heard of wanting a "hard body" but this is ridiculous. A recent case involved the injector getting life in prison for giving a lethal injection of silicon to the buttocks!

The costs of filling the face/breast/ butt, and even hands by a qualified physician or Nurse practitioner or physician's assistant can be significant, but the cost of having someone WITH NO TRAINING INJECT GOD KNOW WHAT can kill you. Right now we have some really fantastic materials to use for filling: Fat grafts (from your own body), Hyaluronic acids such as Juvederm and Restylane®, Recently a "thick" hyaluronic acid called JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC, a calcium "bone meal powder" called Radiesse, and a collagen stimulator that promotes  your own tissue into thickening called Sculptra® Aesthetic!

PLEASE, Please, Please… do not do let an untrained/unlicensed person do this to you. I, personally do my patient's  own injections in Naples Florida. I have over 25 years of injection experience  and an artistic eye for form, beauty, and balance. Please call for a consultation to see how volume or a Neural modulator (such as BOTOX®) can improve your appearance. 239-348-7362

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Illegal "cosmetic" continue disfiguring and killing