Infection/ Reaction to Hydrelle

I tried Hydrelle in my cheeks when it first came out with excellent results. I repeated this injection about 7 weeks ago. About 12 days ago started having swelling and redness in one cheek then the other. Despite aggressive oral antibiotics , injections of Hyalouronidase, and intermittentoral and IM corticosteroids I have quite a reaction that is only now starting to turn around. I now find many similar stories o the net from several plastic surgeons around the country. With so many serious reactions to Hydrelle in such a limited time, I think this product should not/ will not last long on the market!

I am glad this happened to me rather than one of my patients that would be freaking out and rightly so. I have used Juvederm for 2 years and over 400 patients (including my own cheeks) and I have never seen anything like this.