Lasting Hair Removal

Have you grown tired of waxing, shaving, or plucking unwanted hair from your body? Do you long for a hair removal solution that is both less painful and more lasting? If you have ever wanted to have smooth skin without the hassles of at-home hair removal, Naples plastic surgeon Dr. Manuel Péna may have just the solution you have been looking for.

Laser hair removal is a safe, effective, and relatively painless way to remove hair from any area of the body. This procedure targets hair follicles and disrupts their cycle of growth, helping produce long-lasting results.8 What’s more, it does this without harming surrounding tissue, effectively reducing any downtime following your treatment.

Over time, hairs targeted with this advanced laser therapy will grow back, but they will be thinner and less noticeable than before. With subsequent treatments, the growth process can be slowed to such an extent as to make hairs nearly unnoticeable, helping you maintain the smooth and attractive look you desire without having to resume cumbersome home hair removal routines.

To learn more about laser hair removal in Naples and surrounding areas of Florida, please contact Peña Plastic Surgery and schedule your initial consultation today.

*Individual results may vary. Consult with Dr. Peña to see if you are a candidate.