Learning about Dysport

Just got to view a detailed web presentation dealing with the science of Bolutinum Toxin type A. The few head to head studies between BOTOX® and Dysport seem to reveal a statistically significant increase in duration of action with Dysport over BOTOX®. Hmmmm? ok. The onset of action seems to be similar and the side effect profile is extremely similar in the larger studies. Therefore my initial hesitancy was because rumors claimed it spread more than BOTOX® thus increasing upper eyelid drooping as a possible side effect. Turns out the numbers are the same. Hmmmm? Why haven't I tried it yet? Well I have enough of both to do my own study and frankly, researchers in this field lie on a regular basis depending on who is funding what. I will have to make my own mind.

The newer studies especially the Dysport studies show higher success with higher doses in those patients with the thicker muscles (men and women with super expressive faces). Remarkably, the complication rate did not increase with the higher dose! This however will prevent me from quoting a 'one price fits all' at least for the glabella.