Lifestyle Lift officially DEAD!

635611083619258179-vlcsnap-2015-03-04-23h24m56s71It was going to be the new cosmetic surgery  business model. A new way of delivering quality efficiently at a fraction of the cost! Lifestyle lift abruptly closed its doors after the model business platform failed a midst unhappy patients and reprimands for misrepresenting the truth in advertising. While there was no franchise in Naples, I saw several 'less than happy" patients that had undergone Lifestyle lifts in the Fort Myers office. While you can say every doctor has some unhappy patients, these chose not o go back at all even if it the 'fix' was going to cost more than the original service. While I try to treat everyone fairly, I do charge for my services. I will try to minimize any of those patients that were unhappy or "abandoned' by the closure of the Lifestyle Lift "Chain".

Lifestyle Lift also known as MACS or S-Lift


"Lifestyle lift patients looking for followup care after "Company" closes its doors suddenly!

Turns out that most cosmetic surgery patients want a more personal relationship with their surgeon in such important matters.

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