Medical Tourism Plastic Surgery

Let's face it, who doesn't want a good deal? Plastic surgery in an exotic location at half the price…hmmm, sounds real good doesn't it? However, this year alone I have seen six cases of complications of surgeries done abroad that have required my surgical intervention. These folks could have gone back to their surgeons and asked for treatment where they got their original surgery, but they were scared or too tired to keep going back. For three of these individuals the revisions (fixing the surgical problems) when you add them to the original costs of surgery, made their surgical costs greater than if they had just stayed here! All I'm saying is that you have to consider everything when you are thinking about going out of the country for cosmetic surgery. Do your homework.. sometimes it is better and even cheaper in the long run to find a great surgeon here and have your surgery. Remember Naples, Florida is a great place to have Destination Surgery. Most physicians understand today's economy and are willing to work to keep you right here for your surgical needs.