Florida is looking to increase its medical tourism.  Collier County in particular has been a destination for medical tourists seeking aesthetic surgery from Europe, Canada, the Middle East, and most often the cold Midwest in the winter months. My office caters to those seeking to have surgery and recover in this area by providing efficiency and organizing there stay including the perioperative and postoperative appointments as well as in the nursing care and lodging they may require.

Traditionally medical tourism meant he had to go somewhere to get a great deal such as a full set of dental implants in Eastern Europe for a fraction of a cost of the same work done here in the US.  While having surgery here is not the least expensive option, the safety and convenience along with the easily verified credentials of the medical professionals, make having your procedure done right here in Naples a great idea.

 A recent article in the Florida Weekly spelled out some of the official efforts  by Florida and Southwest Florida to promote medical tourism.

Check out Pena Plastic Surgery if you are considering cosmetic surgery and want the best possible care in a beautiful location with the most qualified surgeon and staff.was discharged is and he is him to one written