Mommy Makeover

Childbirth can often change your body in ways that traditional exercising and eating a proper diet may not be able to correct. In specific, the breast are often deflated and heading south as well as a tummy that has lost its muscle tone and may exhibit stretch marks. The increase in fat in the hip area can give a square appearance to the lower body.

The usual consultation starts with what ever bothers that individual the most. But be assured, they will bring up all the rest before the consultation is done. If there is no health issues then a combination surgical procedure will have several advantages. First of all the recovery is done simultaneously, minimizing overall down time. Next the cost of combining surgeries can be significantly reduced as an incentive by the surgeon. Last but not least is the fact that once you have one procedure you will often notice the 'other areas' more in contrast to the 'up graded' areas.

Breast augmentation with and without lifts are how we deal with the breast. occasionally the breast have enough or too much volume and a lift using your own tissue as an implant is performed or even a reduction/ lift.

The tummy is evaluated for muscle tone and position as well as quality of the skin and fat deposits. Options here range from liposuction using and a rigorous exercise program to a tummy tuck and hip liposuction. the tummy tucks come in different flavors depending on what you need. The simplest tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) deals only with excess skin and does not require muscle work. A new belly button may or may not be required. The abdominoplasty is called a 'mini' if the belly button is left alone or slid to a lower position. Muscle repositioning and waist reshaping requires a bit more recovery but often yields the most dramatic results.