Non Invasive Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening Heats Up

The ways to shrink your body without surgery keep increasing. There are Ultrasounds that melt or "burst" fat, there are Lasers that let your fat escape the cells, there are machines that freeze the fat and it dies and the body gets rid of it. I felt that I had to find the best technology for this so i could offer this to my patients in a responsible way. First of all, let me tell you, YOU DO NOT GET SURGICAL RESULTS. What you do get with Exilis is shrinking of fat deposits and a modest tightening of the skin.

Here is how EXCILIS works. This machine delivers energy in the form of radiofrequency waves (RF). RF is not slowed or 'impeded' much by the skin so it does not 'heat up' as it travels though it. However, when it hits the fat under the skin the heating begins. It then 'bounces back' and heats up the underside of the skin which is where thee collagen we want to tighten lives! It also travels deeper into the fat depending on the energy level used and the amount of cooling we do of the skin. We can reach down approximately one inch of fat. Now this 'heating up' of the fat increases the metabolism of the fat cell and opens up the pores of the walls allowing the fat to leak out and shrink the cells/ As the cells shrink the collagen which is in the tissue around it also shrinks due to the heating energy. This prevents the fat cell from filling up to it's original size.

OK, you know the science. Here is what i am excited to use it on: double chins, early jowls, fatty bra rolls, saggy arms (aka "batwings", knees with some fat and saggy skin, bellys with relaxed skin and fatty deposits.

We will see how many other uses I can come up with.