Non-Surgical Options for Double Chins

The Fat Dissolving Injection 


option has actually been around for quite a while and originally was introduced from Europe 15 years ago commonly called "mesotherapy".  The original US debut was a franchise called LipoDissolve which came and went rapidly.  May different compounds were used to "kill the fat"  Most were related to the chemicals contained in the fluid stored in the gall bladder which helps us break down the fat in our diet!  The main substance used was deoxycholic acid which is now approved in the US under the name Kybella®.  In this procedure a series of injections are administered 1/2 cm below the skin in the area of the double chin using an intricate grid pattern. This  will be repeated  three to five times depending on the individual anatomy and goal.  While painless there is some swelling immediately post procedure that can cause a jiggling sensation. Final results are seen a month or so after the final injection cycle.  As we speak other drugs with fat dissolving properties are being used in Europe. One of the most impressive ones is a similar compound called Aqualyx that has been used all over the body not just the chin area. It has yet to get FDA approval.


So many options…which one is right for you?  Best answer is to get an opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon that has more than one option available to treat your concerns!


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