Plastic surgery abroad

Just returned from a meeting in Prague. What a beautiful city! The meting highlighted one of my old mentors Dr Dan Baker from NYC and several Middle Eastern Rhinoplastic surgeons performing incredible salvage operations of the most difficult nasal deformities I have seen in a long time. The return of the "Thread Lift" is looming and raising it's specter abroad.

The SILHOUETTE LIFT uses a device that employs a series of slowly dissolving upside down tiny cones fitted onto knots on a propylene suture. The cones will cause a fibrosis that will allow the tissues to use the suture and the knot as a scaffold for "long term' results. Dr Woffles Wu, with whom I had a long discussion, is a thread lift pioneer and states that it remains a good option for short (24-48) rejuvenation. He does admit that for continued results more threads will need to be added in 1-2 years. He showed several examples of long term "maintenance' facial rejuvenation using this protocol. Another surgeon from Barcelona claimed good results from his clinic using Buttocks Thread Lifts. This also used similar cone technology. With the shear weight and mobility of the gluteal area, I seriously doubt the long term efficacy, but will try to keep an open mind.

I am always interested in other methods of gluteal rejuvenation (I currently perform thr Brazilian Butt lift) and was admiring the cohesive gel Implants available elsewhere outside of the US. here only solid silicone elastomer implants can be used for buttocks augmentation. The intramuscular placement of the implants seems to be gaining popularity.

Best thing about going abroad is seeing procedures that may be available in a few years in the US and being able to ask the surgeons first hand about their experiences.