Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Surgeon

When you are ready to ask the critical questions about cosmetic surgery, I, Fort Myers cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Manuel Peña am prepared to answer any that you have, and many that you might not think of.


A well-informed, well-prepared patient has realistic expectations of what results are possible for them. My growing list of satisfied patients is founded on making sure each one knows what is possible, what is not possible and what risks are involved for them, personally.

More Questions

To get that kind of information I recommend asking at least 18 specific questions of any cosmetic surgeon before you choose one to do your surgery. In the course of your conversation, you will think of more questions. Answers to your questions should tell you about that surgeon’s qualifications and not just generalized statistics. Comparing the two is helpful, but if you do not know how his outcomes line up, you really do not know anything helpful to making this all-important decision.

It is important to ask to see before and after photos of treatments done by the cosmetic surgeon you might choose. Look for the artistic details as well as you consider your impression of what you see. You will want to see photos of all types of his work along with a large number of photos of procedures you are considering. One day you may return for another type of treatment. What you want to know is that his talent is consistent in all areas of his work.

If I can answer any questions you have for a Fort Myers cosmetic surgeon, please contact Florida cosmetic surgeon, Manuel Peña, M.D., and we will schedule a personalized consultation for you.