Radiofrequency Skin Tightening and Fat reduction

I have been following RF (radiofrequency) for skin tightening for many years. About a year before Thermage was approved I became interested in a "non-invasive" way to tighten skin. Sure we had peels and lasers.. but come on, they were not really "non- invasive". I went to a meeting in LA hoping to bring back one of these beauties (Thermage ). I was so underwhelmed that I

came back and dove into another merging technology (thread lifts) that did not pay off.

Now don't get me wrong, they were able to get some results with Thermage… but as a surgeon i was not impressed.They tinkered with the technology and it got a bit better. Now the use of a cont nous RF device that can treat the Body as well as the Face (Thermage could really only treat the face). AND… reduce fat volume…AND be painless! Sounded too good to be true coupled with the fact that the machine did not require you spend hundreds of dollars on throw away parts (Known as Consumables). Anyway I got a chance to try this technology the other day. It is the Exilis Rf generator and handpiece. Two of my patients tried it, both to shrink up loose skin. They felt it get warm then hot and told the technician when to stop. The goal was to get the skin to a temperature of about 40 -41 Centigrade and keep it there 5-10 minutes. This corresponded to about 6-10 degrees higher at the skin/fat junction where the action (shrinking and tightening) takes place. Well I had them treat my love handles… it felt fine.. like getting into a hot tub for the first time. Although results require 4 treatments spaced 1-2 weeks apart.. it was very easy to use and tolerated with minimal discomfort. Very interesting. I hear several internationally known dermatologists have had to buy a second machine because the first machine was being used constantly.

Will I get one? Thinking about it. looking into some of the other technologies that are out there before I decide.