Regenerative Medicine in cosmetic surgery

Finally, the fruits of the federal ban on funding the fetal stem cell research has hit the big time.I remember the sexy thoughts of taking fetal stem cells from "left over fetal tissue" and creating cells that can cure all ills of the human body. Other highly advance countries have taken that road and have made some progress, however the need to use immune suppression in the individual who are treated with these cells is still a formidable problem.

In Plastic surgery we have been using stem cells from your own fat to recreate volumes (including entire breasts) lost with time, trauma, congenital absence, or surgery. The next chapter in regenerative medicine may be using the platelets (one of the parts of your blood that helps you clot and stop bleeding) and their contents to stimulate the body to regenerate tissues on their own. These so called 'growth factors' may be what is released by stem cells to create the new tissue. We will know soon. Very exciting stuff. the Vampire Lift is not a lift but a fill using your own platelet derived 'stimulants' that are mixed and processed and re injected to stimulate regrowth of your own youthful tissues.