Revision of Surgery after Rhinoplasty found Justified in majority of cases. Revision of Cosmetic surgery

I have always been amazed how difficult it is for a patient to get a revision surgery from a plastic surgeon Youman if the surgical result was less than optimum and both parties agreed to that. Between ridiculous unnecessary charges that the surgeon may ask for or chest flat-out denial, patients are often left no other choice but to seek a second opinion to get a problem corrected. A recent study reveals that the majority of people seeking revision surgery after the rhinoplasty were justified. The initial party line was that people seeking revision surgery after a rhinoplasty were just "hard to please". I am not saying that all revision surgeries are warranted or should be undertaken as long as there is a reasonable chance of improving the outcome and the patient has reasonable expectations revision should be considered as part of the overall surgical treatment which the patient and the surgeon originally contracted. Occasionally I get request for revision which I know will not benefit the patient. I spent quite a bit of time trying discourage the patient from undergoing this revision and will do so only of some pretty sure that no harm will, but. They often will then seek another surgeon to perform this revision often and significant cost and little or no benefit. I feel that the surgeon who performed the surgery initially is the best qualified to determine whether or not a revision would be beneficial and if the chances of success warrant the risk incurred in the revision. The cost of performing a revision that is warranted should be minimized and this is one of the advantages of the surgeon having thereon surgical suite. The can often absorb a large percentage of the cost when this is warranted.