Sculptra versus Fat Grafts for facial volume restoration.

I just saw a patient that I had injected 3 vials of Scupltra in two sessions 5 weeks apart. This patient had requested volume restoration of her cheeks after volume had been lost due to facial aging and weight loss due to illness. I have to admit that this is one of the most impressive results I have seen with this material. The appearance was extremely natural and the volume had been restored exactly where I had intended to. There was a pure natural feel with no palpability of the material. She stated that there was no bruising and thus no recovery. As you may know Sculptra® Aesthetic is not a filler but a tissue stimulator. It has to be injected in sessions 4-5 weeks apart since no one knows exactly how much volume reaction the patient is going to get. There are some estimates of how much to use during each session based on the number of square centimeters that we are treating and the area that were trying to refill. Just recently a company that makes this product was bought by a larger more progressive company that finds that bringing the priced down will put this product in most patient's price range. Up to now I could hardly justify using Sculptra® Aesthetic when I had plenty of fat available in most people. I had reserved it for those who either did not want to have fat grafts, or were too thin to have a adequate fat donor site. With the new adjustments in the price and greater understanding of where and when to place this product, I am taking a new look at using this tissue stimulating product more frequently and with greater artistry. Estimates for a full refilling should range form $1200 to $4000 depending on the individual over 2 to four sessions. This material has been shown to maintain its volume stimulation for about 3 years!.